Pokemon GO Hacks Released

Some working hacks for Pokemon Go have been made public

Well that was fast, we weren’t expecting this to happen but it seems someone has already cracked the system and was able to create some real hacks for Pokemon GO. We tested it for a while and everything seems to work as advertised. This cheats seem to be compatible with Iphone and Android smartphones and we are just about to test it on our tablet. We are no hackers and don’t understand the technicalities of such software but we can say for certain that this is a big deal as it enables anyone with a good internet connection to generate unlimited amounts of Pokeballs and Pokecoins without spending real money.

I don’t know how they do it but various videos portraying the use of this tool are emerging on youtube showing players abusing the exploit and getting ridiculous amounts of items for free. We will keep this post live on our blog for a short period of time for people to be able to download the program and test it for themselves while it still works, we don’t know if it will remain unpatched for a long period of time because this is a pretty big deal. We had to complete a survey to unlock the download and then we got redirected to some page where the hack was available, we just used some fake info and it worked.

Pokemon GO Hacks


Pokemon Go Cheats – Testings and Findings

For testing purposes we started a new account just to make sure we didn’t get our main accounts banned. The hack was surprisingly easy to use and was able to boost our new account from level 1 to level 20 in less than an hour. This gave us a tremendous advantage over other new players and even people that have been catching Pokemon from day one.

This new account is performing much better than our older ones and we have just started playing for less than 2 hours, the unfairness of using this tool is quite scary. Further testing made us test the limits of the tool and we thought about beating as many gym leaders as possible in the shortest time possible, the results were amazing and quite astonishing as we were able to beat 6 different gym leaders in 3 hours of playing the game.

Pokemon GO Hacks

There are any real hacks for Pokemon GO ?


The game has just been released and people are already looking for ways to cheat and exploit anything that can save them time and speed up the process of evolving and training their Pokemon. We have already talked about how cheating in Pokemon GO can become an issue when enough people start abusing the system and using any exploits they can get their hands on for their own selfish reasons.

Pokemon GO Hacks

The quick answer is “no” there aren’t any hacks for Pokemon GO yet and that will continue to be the case for quite sometime. But that can change pretty quickly as more and more countries receive their official releases and more users enter the fray of the Pokemon GO craze. You can bet that when the game is released in Russia lots of exploits will start to popup and the internet will be flooded with real Pokemon GO Cheats and Hacks. There was a know exploit that enabled players using an Android emulator system like Bluestacks to travel freely around the world collecting Pokemon without leaving their living rooms. That exploits is now fixed and players attempting to recreate it are getting banned.

Will hacks affect Pokemon GO in the future ?

Pokemon go Cheats

It’s almost inevitable that some kind of cheating tools will emerge and run amok for awhile until the developers are able to patch those exploits and ban the¬†offenders. Some statements condemning hackers and telling people that their accounts will be banned if they engage in such behaviors may be released and then everything will go back to normal until a new exploit appears. That’s normal with games like this that provide a virtual world for millions of people and even though it’s mostly for fun, it can become a very competitive and addictive game.

Why  you should not be looking for ways to hack the game

Ash would be sad and Pikachu would look at you with disdain and disapproval… Joking, the real reason is that you are taking out all the fun of the game, you should be working hard to find that last Pokemon you need, you should be thinking about the best strategies to beat other players and gym leaders, with hacks you are removing everything that makes this game great from the equation leaving only an empty shell of a former amazing game. Please embrace your nerdy side and join millions of other players in this adventure that is Pokemon GO, it can become frustrating at times but it deserves to be played properly in a clean way without hacks or other exploits that may ruin your experience and the experience of other players around you. Remember , you have to try to be the very best you can be, channel your inner Pokemon trainer and explore this addictive world with your friends and other anonymous trainers.

Pokemon GO Cheating

How to cheat in Pokemon Go – Unlimited PokeCoins and Pokeballs

The struggle is real! If you are looking for smart ways to speed up your Pokemon GO experience and get the most of your runs this is the perfect article for you. Since the start of this Pokemon craze that we begun looking for ways to exploit the system and get the most of every second we spent glued to our smartphones. We have found some useful tricks that we are whiling to share with our users and will continue publishing here on the blog.

Pokemon GO Cheating

Praised be the Pokemon GODS for this gift to humanity, finally we can speed level our way into pokemon mastery. As it seems some russian players have released a tool that enables anyone to generate unlimited amounts of items and resources like the Pokeballs and the Pokecoins. If you want to know more details please check our post about Pokemon Go Cheating Tools that are starting to emerge.

Top reasons that are driving people to look for cheating tools

  • Newcomers are finding it hard to beat well established players and gym owners.
  • Some regions don’t have that many Pokemons that people can collect
  • Lack of time to play the game
  • Rare Pokemons are very hard to come by
  • Players don’t want to spend real money at the in-game shop

Don’t worry – The majority of exploits are still under control

pokemon go exploits

If you are worried about cheaters ruining your Pokemon GO experience you don’t have to fear, the majority of exploits are being fixed and as soon as the game is released World Wide the company behind the games creation will be very strict with cheaters and people that try to exploit the game in anyway. The probability of you bumping into an hacker is very slim and will continue to be this way as long as the developers keep their eyes on possible exploits and hacks. If you are looking for ways to get unlimited Pokeballs and Pokecoins you are out of luck! So far the websites that we have found are just scams to try and get your user information and you are advised to be cautious with such sites that offer any items for free.

What about the geolocation exploit ?

Well it seems that people using this trick to travel around the world collecting Pokemon even though they are living on the other side of the globe are getting their accounts banned. The party is over, as this exploit was too obvious and people were just outright abusing this power to travel from Asia do North America in a matter of seconds to catch a Pokemon they didn’t have. If you are thinking about testing it out, please don’t! You will be throwing your account away and losing all the data including your items and Pokemons. Cheating seems to be impossible right now, so your time is better spent looking for the best tips on how to catch Pokemon and level your roster as fast as possible to build a strong team that can beat the nearby gym leaders.